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Greetings Author!

You've gone to a lot of time and effort to write your story; whether it's a short story, novella, novel or an epic saga. I'm sure you've created and brought to life fascinating characters, an exciting plot full of interest, intrigue, even allure within your unique setting. However, have you portrayed it in its best light?
This is where problems lie with virtually every story created, and this is where I can help. Professional writers, including best sellers and editors who write themselves, all make errors. Even after rereading their work a dozen times some errors would still be missed. Every writer, regardless of their experience or skill needs a set of impartial and equally experienced eyes on their product. This is where you need another set of experienced editorial eyes on your work.
Your creation is more than a piece of work. You have probably produced it after much time, planning, researching, writing, worrying, changing, until it's the best you can make it. Take this with the vast range of emotions you have personally invested in it and there lies the crux of the matter, your subjectivity.
You become too involved, too close to make objective decisions. This is why you need an editor who can help you produce the most accurate, robust and cohesive story yours can possibly be. If the reader gets this, they will want more.  Even the best story will never leave a reader satisfied for long; they, like all good fans will be waiting to buy and avidly devour their next instalment of You!
The reader will pick up on any errors in a published story, whether self edited or poorly edited through a company. From this point on there's rarely a second chance because the discerning reader will avoid your name and work regardless of improvements made over time.
You need an objective editor; an expert, who will scour your work identifying errors, whether it's the setting, character development, pacing, plotline, continuity as well as grammar, spelling, punctuation or other problems that arise. So ultimately the reader connects with all aspects of your story at its best.
Look no further.

CaroCaro is here to help!